Things to do in Sants-Montjuic

Things to do in Sants-Montjuic

Located in the southeast of Barcelona, the place provides a stunning view of the Mediterranean when looking through the castle of Montjuic. This Olympic-inspired city is a haven for tourists who would like to get soaked in the cultural heritage of the land. Surrounded by marvelous castles, monuments, museums, and a breathtaking city view, the place offers its visitors many memories that can be cherished throughout their life.

If you are visiting Sants-Montjuic, there are a plethora of things to do in Barcelona’s largest district. You can look into this guide to learn about the top activities that you can do in Sants-Montjuic.

Savor the breath-taking view of Montjuic mountain

This hill is perfect for you to see the modernist buildings of the marvelous city and listen to the lullabies of nature. Since the hill is facing Barcelona, you will be able to experience the stunning city view and bustle of the city.  You can take a trip to the top of this hill to understand the glamour and vastness of Barcelona.

Learn the Catalonian history

If you want to take a look at the history of Catalonia, then visit the Museu d’ Arquelogia de Catalonia. Here you can take a peek into megalithic Spain and get a glimpse of the ruins of Greek Civilization. You can also visit the Ullastret Iberian settlement to get a taste of the history of the region. So, all history lovers can take this chance to learn about the unique history of the land that is spread across various sites in Sants-Montjuic.


See the iconic works of Joan Miro

If you are an art enthusiast, do not forget to visit Joan Miro Fundacio on Sants-Montjuic. You can visit this foundation established by Miro to get a taste of the finest contemporary art collections in Spain.

Take a cable car ride

If there is a thing that is more thrilling than the beautiful hill view in Sants-Montjuic, it is the cable car ride. While sitting in the cable car, you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the city. It is not just a cable car ride, but you can reach the top in the most exciting and fun way possible.

Montjuic Castle

If you want to know what exactly is a military fort while savoring the alluring views, you can visit the castle of Montjuic. This place holds terrible memories as the place was used to repress the anarchist and hold the political prisoners. So, grab your drink and find a good spot to enjoy the spectacular history of the place.

Walk around the Poble Espanyol

Build in 1929, this is an open-air museum that is built in a village style, highlighting the marvelous architecture of Spain. The streets of the village will be filled with various architecture starting from gothic to renaissance and Romanesque. So, visit Poble Espanyol and experience the diversity of the place. So, if you are planning to visit Sants-Montjuic, do not miss out on these activities.


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