Things to do Barri de La Bordeta, Catalonia

Things to do Barri de La Bordeta, Catalonia

Hike Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park:

Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici is the only National Park of Catalonia located in the Catalan Pyrenees. It has been a National Park since 1955 and is an excellent spot for hiking activities. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful National Parks, with its dazzling lakes, high mountains, and picturesque meadows. The National Park is known for its dense black pine forests and lakes, most of which have glacial origins. The National Park has numerous entrances; however, there are only two main entrances respectively located on the east and west. You can get to this scenic location on foot or by taxi. One of the most popular attractions of the Aigüestortes & Sant Maurici National Park is Lake Sant Maurici, with the mountain Els Encantats in the background.

Seu d'Urgell Cathedral

Visit Seu d’Urgell Cathedral:

Seu d’Urgell Cathedral, also known as the Cathedrak of Santa Maria d’Urgell is located in the city of la Seu d’Urgell. As the name indicates, the Cathedral is specifically dedicated to Saint Mary. Even though Seu d’Urgell Cathedral dates from the 12th century, it went through three major reconstruction processes in the past. It is the only Romanesque Cathedral in La Bordeta, Catalonia. The Cathedral consists of Basilica, Cloister, and the Diocesan Museum. The Grand Cloister of the Cathedral is quite famous for its decorations and galleries, while the Diocesan Museum has a massive collection of paintings and gold and silver artifacts.

Hike Pedraforca Mountain:

One of the most beautiful mountains in Catalonia, Pedraforca is worth seeing in person. Pedraforca is located in the Pre Pyrenees and is quite popular for its rare appearance. It is not surprising that the mountain is one of the iconic landmarks of Catalonia. The mountain is not visibly connected to any other adjacent mountains or ridges and has a peculiar fork shape that is made by the two parallel peaks joined by a pass. Climbing or hiking to the top of the Pedraforca Mountains is not a daunting task and is sure to be one of your precious memories for a very long time. However, it should be noted that the best time to hike the mountain is summer, as, during winter, the snow would make the ascent much more difficult.

Hike Pedraforca Mountain

Learn History in Pals:

Pals is a medieval town in Catalonia located close to the Costa Brava. The town is quite popular for its stone houses, streets, and Gothic-style churches. One of the most iconic highlights of Pals town is the Les Hores Tower. The Les Hores Tower is the only tower remaining from the original ancient castle of Pals. You can enjoy the scenic views of Emporda and Illes Medes from the top of the tower. Another popular attraction of Pals town is the Sant Pere Church, which is known for its Gothic-style structure and semi-circular arches.


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