Highlighting Events of Sants Festival

Highlighting Events of Sants Festival

A neighborhood in Barcelona’s south is called Sants. It is a part of the Sants-Montjuc neighborhood. Sants is a neighborhood with industrial roots that was previously the heart of a tiny village that eventually joined Barcelona. The neighborhood festivals are held in the summer, in the former communities of Barcelona. They provide the ideal justification for traveling to the city and getting lost in its ostentatious neighborhoods.

Interesting features and events

The most well-known is the Gracia Festival, which attracts thousands of tourists each year. The Sants Festival may not be as well known internationally, but in terms of events and music, it is very similar to the one in Gràcia. The former village of Sants’ patron saint, Saint Bartholomew, was honored with a significant festival that still exists today. Here are a few events of the Sants festival that will captivate you.

Illuminated and colorful streets

The locals decorate the streets and public spaces with a wide variety of unique decorations that are based on certain themes. In the earlier days, the streets have really been turned into a pirate ship or a scene from a Disney movie where anything is possible in Sants. The celebrations are enthusiastically supported by the entire neighborhood.

The Sants’ main streets are adorned with various themes, and the locals put all of their work into making sure the street is the best inventive and attractive during the celebration so they can win the prize given on the closing day. You must want it to win if you’re residing on one of the decked streets.

Sants’ main streets

Live music

The city’s seasonal customs and saints’ days will have you whirling around the streets all year long in addition to being the site of increasingly well-liked international music festivals. As night falls, there are a ton of concerts and delicious food options. To find out what’s on, see the schedule of events. Keep an eye out for any side events that are scheduled to take place in the city’s streets and other public areas.


The Castellers de Sants human tower group, along with the stick devils and dancers, organize a scavenger hunt that combines tastes of the local popular culture as part of the Sant Bartomeu festival’s schedule of events. The parade of cercavilas is followed by the construction of a tower and tabalada drumming. The ideal method to become a local and engage yourself in mainstream culture.


With four fire companies in the area, a massive pyrotechnic display, which often takes place during the festival’s closing show, was inevitable. The little devils take to the roads in the afternoon to perform a correfoc infantile, or children’s fire runs, in the principal streets of the old village. The adult diables and the neighborhood fire creatures put on a large correfoc in the evening to say goodbye to the celebration till the following year.

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