A Full Guide to Sants Barcelona

A Full Guide to Sants Barcelona

Barcelona is a unique city in that it has two major train stations. The main station is located in the center of town and is used mainly by tourists. However, there’s another one outside of Barcelona that most people don’t know about: Sants station.

This station was built at the end of the 19th century when all these small towns merged into one big city, Barcelona!

To start, Sants is the main railroad station in Barcelona

It is located in the Sants-Montjuic district and was built in 1869. The station was originally called Estació del Nord (Northern Station), but over time it gained its current name. The main lines that depart from this station are:

  • TGV high-speed trains to France and France’s Mediterranean coast
  • AVE high-speed trains to Madrid and Seville
  • Rodalies commuter rail service to Barcelona’s suburbs as well as other towns around Catalonia

The most noteworthy attraction at Sants is its iron architecture, which has been preserved since its opening day due to efforts by various public organizations such as the Catalan Government’s Department of Culture and Tourism or Architects for Culture.

railroad station

At the end of the 19th century, as many European cities were expanding, Barcelona was also growing, but with a different logic

The city did not expand inwards towards its center but somewhat outwards into surrounding towns. The railroad station was built in the middle of this new city and was designed to connect all its parts.

Most people believe that the main stations in cities are located in the main financial districts

This is not true.

In Barcelona, for example, the main train station is located in Sants (Sants-Estació). This neighborhood is a central part of Barcelona, but it is not considered to be one of its main financial districts.

The areas surrounding Plaza Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia are considered to be more prestigious locations than Sants because they have more expensive shops and cafes.

In 1869 when the construction for a new train station began, it was decided that this would be its location

So in 1869, when the construction for a new train station began, it was decided that this would be its location. The station was built by architect Francesc Nebot, who designed it to look like an imposing palace. The building is made up of three floors and has large columns inside. It also has a dome over the tracks so that passengers can see trains coming into the station before they arrive.

As the city expanded over time, Sants connected well with other parts of town via metro lines 1 and 3

The neighborhood currently houses the main railroad station in Barcelona and is a popular place for shopping, dining and spending time outside

Sants has a rich history and culture thanks to its long-standing presence as one of the main train stations in Barcelona. It was built by Eiffel & Companys between 1877-1913 with two impressive towers that can be seen from anywhere in Barcelona.

The buildings are constructed using iron frame construction methods that were revolutionary at the time but have since been abandoned due to their high cost compared to more modern materials such as steel or reinforced concrete

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